Lighthouse Cooperative is a unique alternative program offered within the Everett Public Schools and located at Jefferson Elementary School.  It is a Kindergarten through 5th Grade community supported by parents and teachers united in a common goal to offer students an exceptional educational experience by providing additional learning opportunities that are not usually included in a traditional classroom environment. 

In addition to following standard curriculum set forth by E.P.S., parents work with teachers to lead small groups of students in specialty rotations that complement the curriculum, including cooking, foreign languages, sciences and reading.  Students at Lighthouse Cooperative also participate in Explorations, which are held 4-5 times per school year and are an opportunity for parents to share specialty projects and activities with the students.  Explorations have an academic tie-in and range in subjects from rocket building to Chinese New Year celebrations to movie editing.  Parents attend monthly program meetings and volunteer weekly in the classroom.  Suggested parent donations of $20 per student, per month, matching employer funds, and an annual fundraising Auction help to cover costs of these enrichment activities that make Lighthouse such a distinctive program.